The Magic of No Rules

Press Release – Chennai, June 14th 2011

When a moment freezes in time, the rules of reality get suspended and suddenly you see magic in things that never demanded a second look. It is when a moment is frozen or slowed down by multiples of hundred times, you suddenly see that gravity disappears into thin air. You see man fly like a bird, walk on water or dance in air. Things that look unreal but are not. It is happening around us every day, every moment and yet we don’t see them. Slowing time brings this magic to light in the song Rules Kidayadhu in Nutrenbadhu.

The song, with lyrics by Karky and choreography by Dinesh, was shot on the Phantom Flex camera that can shoot up to 2500 frames per second.  Here, director Jayendra wanted to express the power and potential of each moment.  The song exaggerates the actions that happen in a second through slow motion and makes us realize the magic that goes unnoticed in routine life.

This is the first time a whole song has been shot using the Phantom Flex.  “A moment is just a fraction of a second and there is so much that goes unnoticed. I wanted to slow it down and explore it.  The Phantom allowed me to explode a micro second by a hundred times and suddenly, ordinary actions like jumping and kicking look extraordinary. It’s absolutely fascinating.” says Jayendra.

The music of Nootrenbadhu (180) has been getting rave reviews with two of the songs featuring in the top 10 charts.  Jayendra has conceived each song in the film with a strong core idea.  This concept-based approach to each song gives them strong character and direction, in terms of the tune, the lyrics, the choreography and the picturisation.  Take a look for yourself!  Bringing to you for the very first time – Rules Kidaiyadhu!


Catch 180 in cinemas on June 25th.