The Secret of ‘Hoye’

Press Release – Chennai, June 12th 2011

The song Nyayam Thaana is a very unique sounding song sung by music director Sharreth.  In this Arabic sounding song, the composer has amazingly orchestrated the number with lively interludes and managed to make Tamil sound like a different language to give it the desired feel.

When one hears the song, it feels like Sharreth’s voice was a natural fit for it and it came to him easily.  Little did we know that this really wasn’t the case!  The ace composer had some trouble with getting the ‘hoye’ right.  And with a perfectionist director like Jayendra, there was no settling for anything less.  The team had a blast as they watched the music director work his vocal chords to get the ‘hoye’ just right and had a good laugh at his expense.  Take a look at this behind the scenes video that speaks for itself

Ask Sharreth about his memories of recording ‘hoye’ and he laughs and says, “painful”.  Speaking about the album, he jokes, “I composed at least 160 tunes for this movie. It has taken me the time and tunes to make a dozen movies to satisfy Jayendra! 20 tunes more  and I would have had my contribution to the title.  I could probably enter the Guinness Book of World records for composing the most number of tunes for a single movie.”

Catch 180 in cinemas on June 25th in Tamil and Telugu.