Press Release – Chennai, April 14th, 2011

The Tamil audio of 180, a bilingual film produced by Sathyam Cinemas and Aghal Films was launched by one of India’s most admired directors, Mr. Mani Ratnam at Sathyam Cinemas today.
The film has six songs composed by Sharreth, a household name in Kerala who has to his credit several awards for his work in Malayalam films.  The songs from this film album portray his extraordinary talent and his comfort with a wide variety of genres.  Not only are the songs catchy but also they would be loved for their originality and arrangements.
Jayendra, the director of 180 has conceived each song in the film with a strong core idea.  This concept-based approach to each song gives them strong character and direction, in terms of the tune, the lyrics, the choreography and the picturisation.  Thanks to cinematographer Balasubramaniem the songs have turned out to be a visual treat.  Viveka and Karky’s lyrics have not only captured the romance but also have done an extraordinary job of bringing intense philosophical thoughts into modern tunes and phrasing.  This was evident in the two songs that were screened at the audio function.
The ‘Rules Kidayaadhu’ song, choreographed by Dinesh was shot on the Phantom Flex camera that can shoot up to 2500 frames per second.  Here the director wanted to express the power and potential of a moment.  The song exaggerates the actions that happen in a second through slow motion and makes us realize the magic that goes unnoticed in routine life.  The second song screened was Nee Korinaal, choreographed by Prasanna Sujit.  In this song new notes of romance have been hit using the occasion of a birthday.
The function opened with Sharreth and his singers performing a few songs live to the audience, which was followed by the screening of the two songs.
The audio launch also witnessed the launch of a very unique online store to buy singles, where for the first time in India, customers will be given the chance to pay whatever they want for a song from the album.